Four Shorts for Sport

At Short Motivation we're privileged to be in a position where we are sent and can test a wide selection of shorts designed for various purposes: beach, gym, around town, paddle boarding or running - we have waded through all the short-wearing possibilities. As a result, we believe we're in a position to recommend shorts based on the occasion, accompanied by the reasons for their selection.

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First ever Spartan Gym opens at 1 Hotel South Beach

The very first Spartan Gym has found a home within the 1 Hotel South Beach, Miami, USA. Famed for its obstacle race, Spartan now enters the everyday fitness scene with this enormous indoor workout facility that combines traditional weights equipment with a host of unique obstacles lifted from the renowned race to help build functional strength.

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App Review: BodySpace

Simply put, BodySpace is the Facebook of fitness apps you never knew you needed. It’s from, the largest website for health and fitness on the planet and BodySpace taps into this crowd of like-minded people, where posting a selfie – or ‘Swelfie’ as it’s known here –  with your shirt off isn’t just acceptable, it’s encouraged and applauded.

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