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Gym Focus: VieStyling

Part of a new focus where we take a closer look at unique gyms located across the world. 

A few short years ago I had the vision of creating a unique menswear concept. Something different from the norm. A location you might want to go on a Saturday morning or at the end of the day, spend some time, hang out, grab a coffee, try on some clothes. Think of this as more of a men’s club which happens to sell clothes than a clothes shop.

In my mind, that vision included a roaring real fire, comfy chairs, a proper barista and just an excellent experience. Give people an excellent experience and they usually respond. The vision was knocked back by modern shoppers: blokes usually do not like to be approached by store owners, they want to get and get out as quickly as possible. Britain is a wary nation.

VieStyling is a unique private gym which also offers wardrobe, meal plans and more

VieStyling caught our eye recently. It’s a boutique private gym, located in West London, where you can go and receive a personal training session (half hour or full hour blocks are available). Headed up by Michal Homola, a professional snowboarder in his late teens, later worked at various London fashion hotspots. He combined these two experiences to forge a single unique men’s styling agency and gym, at one location.

It makes some sense. Trainers often build a strong rapport with their clients, getting to know their habits, likes and are often best placed to make suggestions about their lifestyle. If a client has an extremely busy lifestyle, as you’d expect to find in Notting Hill, then they are likely to take advantage of a range of services to make life run a little more smoothly.

VieStyling will offer wardrobe advice, source and purchase clothing on your behalf and much more. You can purchase nutritionally-friendly meals direct from the gym, juices and even grab a haircut if you’re looking for the complete experience. Effectively, if you’re a guy in the hurry, then you can book a gym session and arrange for a wardrobe of clothes to be sourced, whilst you are working out.

If you like the idea of a private gym with wardrobe and meal planning, plus you’re located in West London, VieStyling may be the option for you.

If you own a private gym or public gym with a difference, let us know and we’ll get you featured on Short Motivation.


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