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Welcome To Short Motivation

Short Motivation. An idea from 2011, finally going live in 2017. They said good things come to those that wait. Right?

The seed of the “Short Motivation” vision was sown as early as 2011, inspired by brands such as Orlebar Brown, whose poppy, brightly-coloured tailored shorts were fresh, innovative and aspirational.

Lying on a sun lounger in Cyprus, something new and unexpected happened. People kept asking where the shorts were from – at the time, they’d seen nothing similar. But, they also added that “they won’t fit me” or “love the colour, but I won’t look good in those shorts”.

This feedback left us thinking that there must be room for an aspirational site to encourage people to get fitter, pick a pair of shorts and plan their next vacation. People were loving the shorts, but the idea that they wouldn’t look good in the shorts was making them uncertain about their physique, their aspiration and belief.

We started working on Short Motivation in Summer 2016. Based on our previous experience creating a website, we wanted to make sure it went live with enough viable content. We could have done more – we will do more – but with over 100 articles at launch, we’ve met our own requirements. So much so we’re now unsure about the choice of site design and already looking at a new theme to meet our expanding future ambition.

What will you find on Short Motivation?

Advice. Emma Rushe, nutritionist and part-owner of healthy-living Walnut magazine, has written a number of articles, plus plenty of healthy meals, snacks, smoothies and juices to get you going. Olly Stacey, our resident level-3 personal trainer, has written several training articles to get you fitter. Joel Snape, Editor at Large at Men’s Fitness magazine, has written various guidance articles. Nathan Irvine, our resident reviews editor, has compiled a number of app reviews, whilst the Short Motivation team will be working on tips and articles in the near future.

Destinations. We’ve been to numerous European and North American locations and we ran around looking for a hotel we’d be happy to recommend, locations to train, the coolest coffee shops, the best restaurants and much more.

Events. We’re pleased with our new events system. It enables you to search for events in your area. As an example, if you head to your user preferences, you can define a local area, choose the events you’d like to consider and the system will present you with a list of event options on the Short Motivation homepage. Better still, if you’re heading away on business, configure your events preferences to search for events in the new destination and it will pre-find events you can book before you even get there.

Plans. COMING SOON! It’s tough to know where to start. Many people fear the gym. We’ve put together a fantastic, simple and effective 3-month plan to get you fitter. It starts off with some basic advice, training ideas, nutrition support and a complete strategy. It builds to a point where you can get to the next stage. Hire your own personal trainer, be confident down the gym or sign up to one of the many classes from the Short Motivation events system.

Discussion. Every article has a comments system. We also have a discussion forum, where you can pose questions and we’ll do our best to answer. Sign up to one of our plans, and you’ll be able to obtain 1:1 support from Short Motivation to keep you motivated.

Feedback & The Future

We have a tonne of ideas. There’s plenty for us to achieve. But we also welcome your feedback. So any thoughts, ideas or if you see anything that’s not working properly, feel free to contact us immediately.


About Author

The co-founder of Short Motivation, Chris originates from a technology background, initially developing software and then migrating to the international magazine industry for the last 15 years. The idea for Short Motivation came from travelling through 2011 and eventually became reality six years later, in 2017.