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OGUY Apparel x Short Motivation announce Military Green & Navy Luxe Leisure men’s shorts available NOW!

Available in limited quantities exclusively from the Short Motivation store

Buying the right pair of shorts should be easy, right? It’s more of a minefield than most people realise. Do you go for a knee length short, which would look ideal on a casual 19-year-old? Or do you avoid tan lines and plump for a tiny, 3″ or lower inseam, short? Ideal for the pool, but perhaps less ideal if you want to walk into town. And you need a good pair of legs to pull off a short short.

Then there’s the style and practicality. Baggy is certainly not better when you wear a pair of shorts. Look for a tailored pair which extenuates your silhouette. We advocate the mid-leg short, ideally with a 6″ or 7″ inseam. This length is as suitable for the pool as it is for an evening drink in town with friends. And if you have chunky legs, you might want to step up in length.

The material matters, too. You want to be comfortable, without looking like you’re wearing a pair of shorts more suitable for lounging on the sofa. The ideal short should fit, look stylish, be soft to the touch, yet keep its shape through a busy day and impress the boss when you turn up to work on a hot day in shorts. A set of variables which means it’s not easy to nail the right short.

Step up OGUY Apparel and their Luxe Leisure short which has always been a Short Motivation favourite and you can believe us when we say we’ve tested a wide number of men’s shorts. It’s the ultimate men’s short.

The Luxe Leisure is your essential daily short. Made from a soft, durable and hard wearing premium Ponte Di Roma fabric, these shorts have a mid-leg length with a 7″ inseam. What makes the Luxe Leisure so special? OGUY refer to this piece as their ultimate tailored ath-leisure short. The Ponte Di Roma fabric will keep it shape all day, yet has a soft touch, meaning it’s superbly comfortable to wear. But, with the tailored design, it’s a short as equally suitable for the town as it is for work.

Short Motivation has partnered with OGUY Apparel to launch a limited-edition range of tailored Luxe Lesure shorts in two colours.

Military Green. A favourite shade for most men, this mid-green oozes style and offers a powerful alternative to your usual black or grey shades. Military Green can be styled with a simple black or white t-shirt, or for a more formal look, add a crisp white linen shirt.

Navy. A perennial classic colour for every man and is flexible to combine with most other colours. Want to make an impression? Add a pink t-shirt. Keep things simple with a white shirt. Either way, with a navy pair, you’ll never have a situation where you struggle to find clothing to partner with your short.

The Military Green and Navy Luxe Leisure shorts are available to order from the Short Motivation store from July 20 in very limited numbers, with an MSRP of £95 (approx $125).

Note that if you purchase from within the United States, your order will be shipped from the Short Motivation US office in Dallas, Texas. If you are in the European Union, your order will ship from the Short Motivation UK office in London.

Of course, OGUY Apparel isn’t limited to their range of Luxe Leisure. We love the Nantucket, Uptown and Spotted Terry shorts. Take a look at our Capsule Collection 5 preview for more information.

Go to the Short Motivation Store to take a closer look at the Luxe Leisure shorts!


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