Preview: OGUY Apparel Capsule Collection 5

What do you want from a pair of shorts? It’s an interesting question as everyone has different requirements. Around the pool, men like to wear slightly shorter shorts as you don’t want a dreaded mid-leg tan line. When out and about in town, you’ll want shorts which are at least mid-length, with a 5″ or longer inseam.

You then start to realise you need more than one pair of shorts and it becomes complicated. Life should be easier, men don’t want to make complicated purchasing decisions and, here at Short Motivation, we often get asked if we can recommend a ‘goto’ pair of universal shorts which will see you through the day. And we often struggle to make a recommendation.

Step up OGUY Apparel, a small American brand who may have gone unnoticed, but we’d seriously recommend you pay some attention as these guys are deadly serious in bringing you the perfect short. Indeed, their mission statement is Live In Your Shorts as they want to perfect a short you can wear from morning through evening.

Alex, one half of Short Motivation, in the original navy Luxe Leisure

We believe they might have met their own high expectations with the second revision of the Luxe Leisure short, first released in 2017. The new range includes colour options in Black, Navy, Charcoal, Grey and limited edition colours of Olive and Red. The Luxe Leisure is best described as the ultimate leisure short, with a soft and comfortable fabric, yet with a sturdy, formal and conservative design. You can as easily wake up on a morning and put your Luxe Leisure to walk the dog on the beach, as you could meet friends on an evening at the local restaurant. Simply add a crisp white linen shirt for a more formal look.

So, what’s changed in the latest 2018 Luxe Leisure? We asked Chris Martinez from OGUY who told us “we wanted to change, or rather; perfect, the fit and feel of the short. We went back to the drawing board and worked on the pattern and through various stages of testing, we found what works best for this fabric. We are sourcing the best quality Pointe-Di-Roma fabric available. It’s the softest and most durable yet.  We also branded our buttons to give it a special touch. We feel the Luxe Leisure Core is the best ath-leisure short out there”.

The Luxe Leisure short is the first release of the forthcoming Capsule 5 collection, which will be fully available from March 2018, but listed on the OGUY Apparel website for pre-order. The Luxe Leisure is a core OGUY short and will be stocked all year in the four key colours.

One highlight from Capsule 5 is the brand new Spotted Terry short, which is a cotton/polyester mix. and we asked OGUY for more information “with its raw hem, contrast buttonhole and colored button is more of a casual short, compared to the Luxe Leisure, which has the fabric has a more luxurious hand”.

All the OGUY shorts have a mid-length 7″ inseam, apart from the brand new Nantucket, which we recently trialled in Miami and were impressed. The Nantucket is a cotton twill short with a cotton/spandex fabric. With it’s 6″ inseam, it’s slightly shorter than the other OGUY shorts, but still ideal for town. Shipping in Khaki and White, we think this is one of favourite cotton shots.

There are other shorts coming with Capsule 5. A revised version of the Uptown is a classicly styled short in a cotton sateen fabric and will be available in Black, Gunmetal and Olive.

We’ve picked four short selections from the up-coming Capsule 5 collection:

The Luxe Leisure Core in Navy

Luxe Leisure Core in Navy

If there was one short we’d purchase, it’s the Luxe Leisure in Navy. Great length for walking around town, ideal for wearing from morning through evening, it has a soft feel with a classic style.

This navy version of the short could be styled with a white t-shirt, crisp linen shirt or even a coloured sweat on a cool summer’s evening.

The Luxe Leisure short has a 7″ inseam, 3 belt loops and is button fastened. Available in Navy, Black, Charcoal, Grey, Olive and Red.

Available now for $155.

Spotted Terry in Grey

Spotted Terry

A brand new short from OGUY as part of Capsule Collection 5.

Available in Grey, with a 98% cotton and 2% polyester mix, this soft short has a slight turn up at the bottom of the leg, giving it a slighter cooler edge over the Luxe Leisure.

We’d suggest combining this with a crisp white t-shirt for an athletic look, ideal for post-gym or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Coming Soon for $179.

Uptown in Olive

Uptown in Olive

Although the Uptown is part of the current OGUY collection, new colours are coming with Capsule 5 and ones of these is the new Olive (or, in our opinion, Military Green).

The Uptown is a more formal short with a classic edge. Made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, it has a light stretch for movement.

If you’re allowed to wear shorts for work, this could be your ideal piece. Add a work shirt and you have a look which might appeal to the boss and be suitable for that all-important summer meeting with key clients.

Coming Soon for $160.

Nantucket in Khaki

Nantucket in Khaki

A brand new short from OGUY and available with the Capsule 5 collection.

We were lucky to test drive this short around Miami recently and were left impressed. It’s a lightweight (97%) cotton short with (3%) spandex, meaning it has movement. With a 6″  inseam, we view this as the perfect everyday short with it’s edgy design.

This khaki colour is our standout favourite and will style well alongside a military green t-shirt or light grey sweater.

Coming Soon for $169.

That’s our OGUY Apparel overview and, like you, keen to see the full Capsule Collection due March 2018. Keep one eye on the Short Motivation social media for sneak peaks of the new range and also refer to the OGUY Apparel website for release information.


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