Have you seen the new NOBULL New York store?

And a store is coming in Boston in the near future

There are some brands you just have to sit back and admire. They nail their products, marketing and customer relations. Result? Customers are happy. They talk. They spread the word for you and more customers want to buy your products. It’s a simple strategy but most companies get this mix incorrect. They may have fantastic products, but no-one knows about them and the owners are perplexed why no-one is buying.

It’s a mix that is hard to balance. Fantastic products need a fantastic price and a compelling reason for buying – customers need to think they are investing in something unique and want to be seen wearing your products.

One of these brands is our good friends at NOBULL, an activewear brand that has regularly appeared across the Short Motivation social media since our inception.

NOBULL was a brand that came from the owner’s desire to create the perfect training shoe for CrossFit. The result is something impressive. A flat-soled shoe made from a unique SuperFabric combination, the shoe was almost indestructible, capable of withstanding nearly everything thrown at the shoe.

More recently, the launch of the Runner has taken the brand in a slightly different direction, but we’re equally impressed. Short Motivation was lucky to receive the Black Ivy Runner earlier this year and we’ve found it combines the flat-soled design of the regular trainer, but with a fantastic 10mm heel designed to help you withstand impact when running on hard surfaces.

The outside of the new NOBULL store in New York

You’ll also notice the apparel across our social media. The Knit Short is our favourite gym short and is nearly always sold out across the NOBULL website, for good reason.

Now you can find the entire NOBULL collection at a brand new store, located in Soho, New York (8 Prince St, NY 10012 for the exact address), which is open from 11am through 7pm Monday to Saturday and midday to 6pm on a Sunday.

What can you expect to find in the store? The regular NOBULL range, but we also noticed a few store-only exclusives, such as a fantastic red Runner shoe, which is not available online. One thing is sure, we want to get to this new store next time we’re in New York.

NOBULL won’t stop with the New York store, either. The brand plans to open a store in their hometown of Boston, in the near future.

Go to the NOBULL website for more information.


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