Where have we been, where we’re planning to go soon and suggestions from our site users.

Map Information

Locations suggested by our users (from our Forum) we’re considering

Locations we’re intending to visit soon (within the next 12 months)

Locations we have visited and have written up as destination articles

We’ve spent the last twelve months building Short Motivation and cataloguing our journeys across our social media pages. Our intention is to find you some cool destinations, what to do when you get there and what to wear on your trip.

The green arrows depict a location where we’ve visited (often more than once!) and written up as destination notes. Simply click on the green arrow on the map and the destination page link from the pop-up information box.

The orange arrows (more to follow soon) highlight locations where we intend to visit soon (within the next 12 months). If you click on the orange icon, then the pop-up information box, you’ll see some brief destination notes, including the hotel we intend to book, where we’d like to go, where we’d like to eat, drink coffee and train.

The red arrows (more to follow now the site is live) highlight destinations recommended by our users and are vetted by ourselves. We’d like to receive your feedback on where you think we should go (all within 12 months – so make the suggestions reasonable) and what you think we should do when we get there.

What are we looking for? We’d like one recommended ‘cool’ hotel we can book. We’d like one interesting restaurant which has a wide site interest (so please do not suggest an obscure restaurant specialising in rare seafood) to our users, a cool location to drink coffee and also the best gym in the location where our users can train. But, this gym either should offer a day pass facility or offer Short Motivation users an exclusive day pass.

With this in mind, please Contact Us with your suggestions or, best of all, start a discussion in the Forum. We are more likely to notice and act on your suggestion if you post in the forum.