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Short Motivation is fully available through Apple News

With Google News support in the very near future

Let’s face it, how many people read the latest news on their desktop computer? Perhaps at work, briefly, when we can sneak the odd few minutes here and there. Get home though and the last thing we want to do is turn on computer to browse the web.

For this reason, more people are turning to their smartphone or tablet to browse the internet, including reading the latest news. Here at Short Motivation, we subscribe to The Times as an app, rather than read the daily printed paper. But, more recently, we’ve turned to Apple News to collate our daily feed.

Why? It take take hours to browse a newspaper to find anything relevant to your area of concern. With the likes of Apple News and, more recently, Google News, you can pick and choose through a range of different subject areas and subscribe to feeds you want to follow.

The latest Short Motivation news via Apple News

At Short Motivation, we’ll follow the latest fitness, travel and menswear news, remembering we also operate a sister technology company, so mixing our interests with computing trends. By picking from a list of channels you want to follow, trends and disliking suggestions put forward by Apple News, you soon have your own customised news feed which is easy to skim through first thing on a morning and again on an evening. Consise and directed information.

With this in mind we’re pleased to announce that Short Motivation is now fully available on Apple News! To find our channel, simply search for “short motivation” and subscribe. You’ll also find our news by topic (travel, fitness, nutriction etc) and as trending news within other recommended feeds.

We intend to add Google News in the near future.


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The co-founder of Short Motivation, Chris originates from a technology background, initially developing software and then migrating to the international magazine industry for the last 15 years. The idea for Short Motivation came from travelling through 2011 and eventually became reality six years later, in 2017.