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Gym Focus: Pure Austin Fitness

Part of a new focus where we take a closer look at unique gyms located across the world. 

As part of the new gym focus, where we recently featured VieStyling, we continue to look for and focus on unique gym’s across the world, but for this article, we’re keeping it local.

There are a number of gyms in Austin and a particular one we like is Pure Austin Fitness (not to be confused with the affordable chain in the UK). The Austin based gym is limited to two locations, in Downtown and one on Quarry Lake. Both have a great range of essential fitness equipment across multiple floors. You also find a wide range of indoor classes, plus a few on the roofspaces – abs class in the sun or spin class overlooking the lake, anyone?

Pure Austin Fitness is the largest locally owned gym in Austin, with several awards, including best local gym.  The aim for the gym is to be able to offer us a sense of adventure, bringing the outdoors “in”. Pure Austin fitness, is meant to provide you with an outlet while enabling you to meet other like-minded people during their classes.

The Pure motto sums up the gym: “the indoor gym for outdoor people”. As Austin residents are up early, luckily the Pure gym reflects this, with a weekday opening time of an early 5.30am.

What makes Pure stand out from the others is that their programme includes outdoor classes and facilities. Take the Quarry Lake location. In addition to a swimming pool, you can find kayaking, paddle-boarding, open water swimming, rock climbing, lap swimming, private lake and running trail exclusively for members.

If you own a private gym or public gym with a difference, let us know and we’ll get you featured on Short Motivation.


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