Track your gym workout with Jefit

Create and follow a weights-based daily training routine

Over the years, we’ve reviewed and documented quite a few fitness apps. The majority are geared towards monitoring your water intake, showing you various HIIT or quick drill’s you can do to maintain your fitness. But we haven’t really covered any apps which are set up for helping you in the gym when you go to lift weights.

Our usual go-to plan for hitting the gym is simple and includes bringing a notepad and planning our session well in advance. What if you could do it differently?

Jefit Workout offers you simple tools to help you create weight-lifting workouts and also to keep track of the details of your workout routine. This is absolutely key when it comes to making any progress in the weight room strength wise or putting on muscle. We need to make sure we progressively overload, meaning that we add volume or weight that we lift, and that we do so in a progressive fashion, meaning we lift more as we continue to lift. While this will stagnate, it’s still important to keep track of our progress and recognise when things are going well or not so we can adjust or decide to de-load for a period.

Jefit Workout is a fairly primitive app which offers four points of entry into the app: routine, exercises, logs, and stats. You can then also sync this to other devices, share on your social or adjust the settings of the app, within the app. Using the routines option, you can create and save your own workouts just like you would write them in a notepad, but more organized, compact and modern. You can easily name the days whatever you want them for instance after a body part, or even if you are doing a Pull, Push, Leg regime. You can then name accordingly.

Each individual workout day has its own routine and you can build from a huge library of included exercises, which is easy to select via a drop-down menu. Once you have set all this up you can also set an interval time to make sure you record your rest time as well, another crucial component for exercise. Too long and your exercises are inefficient. Too short and you aren’t getting enough rest to perform optimally or safely. Funnily enough, it’s been found that men take too long between sets and women too short.

The app works well, even though the interface and UX are slightly clunky. One of our main complaints for using an app like this for creating a workout plan is spending too much time on our phone. You can end up spending a lot of time simply clicking “next”, or setting your timer between intervals. Jefit should consider doing a voice-guided option which interlinks with your music/podcasts/silence, or whatever else you may have in your headphones during your workout.

Download the Jefit Workout app.


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