Try getting fit and picking up litter with the latest craze, Plogging

Originating from Sweden, this new trend is a great way to feel good mentally and physically

We need to start looking after our planet. While the effects of climate change are disputable, we can’t deny we aren’t treating our planet very well. At least aesthetically it is a mess. Beaches, oceans, forests and our cities are becoming full of litter, and at the same time our population are getting more obese and lazier, but at the same time becoming more aware (or at least we pretend to be) of their environment and want to do something to make a difference.

The liberal Swedes may have cottoned on to something unique and different as many other things to come out of Scandinavia and have started a new craze they call Plogging. This is a combination of “Plocka upp”, which means to pick up and jogging. Without being to obvious Plogging means that you pick up litter as you go along on your run and it is beginning to pick up steam elsewhere as well. Not only can you get fit, you can get a real sense that you are actually doing something about the environment by clearing litter from your route as you run.

Although it’s important that we protest and make sure our governments initiate the right initiatives for the environment, Plogging means that you are actually doing something as an individual, which we quickly forget and immediately think we need sweeping reforms to make a difference, something which is a lot more difficult to achieve than going out on a run and getting fit, while also helping our planet get fitter at the same time.

Plogging is believed to burn more calories than a regular jog, because you end up bending over to collect debris (with correct form), which means you end up squatting and lunging as well, so you are getting bodyweight exercises as well as your regular cardio. In addition to this it mixes things up!

So, what do you need to get going? Not much. Grab your running gear, a bag and gloves for those bushes where you’ll need to insert your hands when running and search for litter on your route. There are communities of Ploggers grouping together to cover various routes in groups, meaning you might make friends whilst you’re doing good for your local environment.

Plogging may seem a bit odd, but why not give it a try, see if you can get with some neighbours or friends in order to get fit while also cleaning up.


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