Take a group exercise class without leaving home using Daily Burn

Monthly subscription service enables you to bring the gym to your living room

Many people do not want to go to the gym. Whether it’s simply difficult to get started, not wanting to drag gym kit to work and then get changed at the end of a hard day or thinking we could be embarrassed in front of someone we know, there are a number of reasons stopping people from stepping through the door of their local gym.

On top, there are hundreds of different classes we can attend – Bodypump, kettlebells, yoga, spinning, circuits, SoulCycle, Crossfit, the list goes on and on. It can get confusing and while these classes offer variety, they are not cheap, either. Usually, group classes easily run north of $100 a month, a figure many people cannot justify.

One solution is to workout on your own, from home. Daily Burn aims to bridge the gap between group classes and making them affordable,  enabling you to workout from the comfort of your own home with just your smartphone (Android and iOS), Apple TV or similar device. Using the app provides users with beginner-friendly full body workouts, which include live chats and special guests. If the live option does not work for you you can also stream on demand. And if you begin to level up you can always move on to the other workout courses such as yoga, HIIT cardio, and even strength training.

Attend a group workout without leaving your living room using Daily Burn

In addition to the full workout routines, you can also get nutritional guidelines and recipes with the monthly subscription. With a holistic approach to fitness, this app is definitely a decent alternative to attending a tonne of different group classes. To determine which is the best for you to take, Daily Burn starts with you taking a quiz in order to determine your current exercise program, trainer and nutritional habits.

The app will also provide you with your own custom routines, so if you’re extremely busy you don’t have to do anything other than the workouts based on answers given in the initial quiz.

Daily Burn offers two different subscription levels – standard and premium, with the basic option starting at $19.95 a month. While this may seem steep for an app, compare the cost of a gym membership and attending group classes,  it makes many of these app-based group exercises an absolute steal.

Using the app also offers the ability to track your progress as your weight reduces and you get in better shape, so you have something to aim for and also the encouragement to keep going. The program is free for 60 days and then you can decide if you want to part with some money. So why not give it a try?

Daily Burn is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store and you can also connect it to various smart tv’s so you can get an even more enhanced experience.



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