Turn your garage into a home gym with the Bulldog Gear Open Gym concept

Many homes have a large garage, plus a large driveway capable of hosting at least a couple of cars. Let’s face, how many of us actually bother to park our car in the garage? Most people store all kinds of junk, their bikes and even the washing machine in their garage. It’s become an extension of your home.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t make better use of this space. Install a heater and some roof insulation and it should keep relatively warm. It’s already dry. With this in mind, have you considered installing your own home gym?

Bulldog Gear is advocating installing a home gym with their Open Gym system, which launched 26 January 2018. Expect more in future, but right now Bulldog Gear is welcoming people to submit their existing home gym and to contact them for home gym concepts.

What’s stopping you installing a home gym? Think about it, it’s far cheaper than you’d imagine. What do you need? Maybe start with a bench and a number of free weights. A small rack could be a wise option. A Wattbike might be worth some investment, or a rower if you prefer to row. Add a few kettlebells, perhaps a medicine ball and why not attach a TRX mount to the wall?

What Bulldog Gear is attempting to show you is that you can install gym equipment in a very limited amount of space – you’d be surprised what you install on one side of a garage. Take a look at their concept video for more information.

There are pros and cons of installing your own home gym. Some people can’t get motivated working out on their own. The biggest upside is you don’t need to spend 30 minutes driving to the gym for a quick workout. You could walk to your new gym in seconds, in your slippers, if you wanted. Ok, slippers might be overkill, but you get the point.

There’s even a website for people interested in setting up their own home gym. Head to Garage Gym’s for inspiration. Rogue Fitness has a section on their website with various home gym photographs.

Has any Short Motivation user installed their own home gym? Let us know in the comments, below.


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