Ten Thousand is all about fitness clothing with a purpose

At Short Motivation, we love to hear about brands with a purpose, which could be the reason why the company designed their clothes in a particular manner or fabric, or how they tackled the industry in a disruptive or alternative manner. Enter Ten Thousand whose fitness range is all about reaching your goals and how they can help pursue opportunities in life, better.

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App Review: Fitcliq

In an age where social media is capable of linking like-minded people across the world, it’s no wonder a fitness focused app is needed. After all, training with someone else is always a great way to find that extra ounce of motivation. FitCliq is a free service that users can sign up and find new friends to enjoy their exercises with.

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App Review: RunGo

With so many running apps on the market, it’s hard to know which ones to take seriously. All of them come with a tagline about ‘best one yet, or ‘the only running app you’ll ever need’ and to be quite honest, most are plain average. So it’s with caution that we approach RunGo that promises all of the above and more.

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