What are you doing for National Fitness Day?

You shouldn't need to wait for a 'fitness day' to become more active after work

Are you one of these people who can get self-motivated or do you need to be told? You’ll be surprised how many people fit into the latter camp.

The problem is, people get into a daily routine and simply do not have time to exercise or think about exercising. Worse, long commutes mean most of the day is taken by getting to and from work. In winter, you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark and it’s hard to get motivated.

You need to break the routine and do something different. It will be good for your health, mind and should make you more positive.

Today, the 26 September 2018, is National Fitness Day and there are all kinds of events around the United Kingdom – some for free. To see what events are available in your area, head to the National Fitness Day website and check the Activity Finder to view the events in your area. We had a quick check and found a few free events where you can bring a friend for company.

But, there are things you can do anytime to change your own routine and get yourself fit. You don’t need to wait for a National Fitness Day to start. For example, why not simply park further from work? Make yourself walk further and more swiftly. You won’t know what you see on the way until you do.

Workout with a friend. You don’t have to go to a class on your own. Indeed, you don’t need to go to a class at all. If you’re nervous, unfit or wary of the gym, then start at home! Get out in the garden and simply start moving. Try some bodyweight moves and, once these are mastered, add some weight.

If you find you’re forced to sit in front of a computer all day, schedule some time or even an excuse to get up and move around. Set a calendar to remind you each hour and try and get up off your backside and on to your feet.

Another option is to make getting fitter into a hobby. Review what you do after work and try and re-configure this so you’re not just plonking yourself in front of the TV for the evening. This is fine once a week, but if it becomes a daily habit, your body will get used to this post-work activity. Try doing something different. Why not offer to walk a dog? If you have an elderly neighbour, offer to walk their dog on an evening. If not, sign up for BorrowMyDoggy. Simply ideas to get yourself moving after work.

So, no excuses. Rope in a friend, get active, change your hobbies and look at some different post-work activities. Refer back to the National Fitness Day website if you’re looking for a free event later today.


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