Every Second Counts release their Spring/Summer 2018 collection

British activewear company design and develop clothing to suit any activity

It’s really hard to design activewear to fulfil ever-widening criteria. People want their sports clothing to look stylish, whilst at the same time performing a number of key functions, including flexibility of movement, reducing and removing sweat whilst we exercise, feeling comfortable and odour-free.

In 2015 we stumbled across a relatively new, small sports manufacturer which had only just entered the men’s fitness market. We were impressed. To this day we’ve kept the original Warrior Tech tops and use them regularly and invest in the latest seamless long sleeve tops which we regard as some of the best in the business. You’ll often see this brand’s content across the Short Motivation social media and for a good reason: we wear the products. The brand is Every Second Counts and is going from strength to strength.

Every Second Counts is a British activewear company, created to design and develop clothing to suit any activity whether this is at the gym, running, cycling, yoga and so on. Your daily life in seconds, hence the reasoning behind the name. We’ve already covered the previous Autumn/Winter 2017 collection and we were excited to hear of the launch of the latest Spring/Summer 2018 range, featuring design twists on previous products and some exciting new styles.

Take a look at the latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection video for some visual inspiration.

Whilst the current weather makes spring seem far away, it is around the corner so is worth planning now for the pieces you intend to add to your current collection. With the temperatures climbing, its crucial we source the right kit for the season and you can always layer to cope with the cool spring mornings.

There are a number of pieces from the Every Second Counts Spring/Summer 2018 collection we’d love to feature on Short Motivation (keep one eye on our social media over the next few months), but we’ve picked four of the key pieices from the latest range.

Split Second Seamless Vest

Split Second Seamless Vest

This is the latest version of the sleeveless top from the “Seamless” collection. We’ve had plenty of the Warrior Tech seamless tops and a couple of the Circuit Tech tops and regard these as some of the best we’ve worn for any sport.

A sleeveless vest is perfect for the warmer summer months and the minimal seams eliminate chaffing along with a soft hand feel fabric for added comfort. Ideal for outdoor activities including running, cycling and yoga.

Available for £55.

Take it Easy Hoodie

Take It Easy Hoodie

Hoodies are universal clothing which offer a casual vibe suitable for heading to and from the gym, whilst ideal for layering up in the cooler months. We usually wear an Every Second Counts compression hoodie during winter and this new style has a more casual edge.

The name says it all. This 90% cotton hooded sweat top is perfect for post-gym wear. Side zip detail provides much-needed post-training ventilation and the kangaroo pocket is perfect for stashing essentials.

Available for £120.

Split Second Long Sleeve Top

Split Second Long Sleeve Top

This is the latest version of the long sleeve top from the “Seamless” collection and has caught our eye as it’s our most tried-and-tested top, with us owning a number of these from previous collections.

The Split Second top is made from a seamless knit construction long-sleeve with minimal seams to make movement as easy as possible and to eliminate any discomfort. Underarm ventilation reduces sweat, which is perfect for summer to increase breathability and will help you get the edge during whatever activity you’re doing.

Available for £75.

Stamina T-Shirt

Stamina T-Shirt

When summer rolls around expect a number of very warm days and you need the training kit to accommodate. The Stamina T-Shirt will make sure you stay on top of your activity without sweat and heat getting in the way.

A high-performance tee made from sweat-wicking, breathable fabric. With a laser cut chevron for extra breathability and reflective logo for greater visibility, the Stamina T-Shirt is either your ideal choice for the warmer months or your first base layer in the cooler season.

Available for £70.

There’s a much larger collection online and these are just our four highlights from the current range. More Spring/Summer 2018 products will appear soon and expect a range of shorts, leggings and more.

Head over to the Every Second Counts website to view the complete collection.


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