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Coming Soon: Short Motivation Fitness Videos

Getting fit (or fitter) is difficult. The initial problem is getting started. People find it easier if they get together with a friend or someone with equal intent, as you’re more likely to get up and to the gym, push yourselves, keep each other on target and it’s simply more enjoyable being inspired by a colleague rather than trying to workout on your own.

On the flipside, here at Short Motivation, we recognise that it’s not always possible to find someone to workout, attend a fitness class and, more often than not, they’ll drop out leaving you on your own. As fitness results are driven by your motivation to succeed and reach your goals, we hope the next best thing is to be inspired by ourselves and what we’d do to get fitter or keep fit.

If you have a good look through Short Motivation, there’s a number of existing workout articles you can follow. We will admit, they do assume a basic knowledge of fitness and form. Form is important as it’s easy to pull a muscle by performing a move incorrectly. As an example, when lifting heavy weight, you need to keep a straight back and power through your legs or you’ll easily strain your lower back.

Sadly we can’t train everyone individually, but we believe the solution is to direct through video. Through the use of video, we can show you routines which work for most people, the form you need to handle the weight and also the way you need to hold and lift objects such as a kettlebell.

With the above in mind, take a look at our first preview video of content to follow over the next few months.

Our aim is to start by following some of the workout articles you can find on Short Motivation.

Next, we’ll be producing some instructional video, to show how you should handle the weights, objects and other items featured throughout our workout articles. In addition, we’ll be featuring objects you can use around your town, perhaps at your local park, to get fit. Use a wall for tricep dips, a bench for step ups or a tree to hang a rubber band for resistance training.

We have plenty of other ideas for the future, so watch this space. In the meantime, feel free to add any comments below or across our social media on what you’d like to see us feature on future video.


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The co-founder of Short Motivation, Chris originates from a technology background, initially developing software and then migrating to the international magazine industry for the last 15 years. The idea for Short Motivation came from travelling through 2011 and eventually became reality six years later, in 2017.