Master and Dynamic release wireless earbuds – MW07

And the big question is, how do they compare to the AirPods?

Ever since Apple released the AirPods we’ve seen the rise of people adopting wireless earbuds in addition to wireless on-ear, over ear and in-ear headphones. They provide a very discreet option for your listening needs and are great for being on the move while listening to music or also conducting calls.

Master and Dynamic make unique headphones some of which we’ve covered before. The brand new in-ear MW07s are made from handcrafted acetate covers, with a unique green tortoiseshell pattern, steel blue, grey terrazzo and matte black as the various finishes available. The Headphone is housed in PVC coated steel houses. The earphones work via Bluetooth 4.2.

As you would expect, the MW07s combine with any native voice assistant, so you can easily command them to turn on your music or call one your contacts whether you’re using Android, iPhone or a Samsung device. Just like the AirPods, when you remove the earbud it will stop playing music if you’re currently listening to it and it will resume as soon as you put them back in.

Uniquely they also include quick pairing so when you open the case for the buds they will automatically connect to the last paired device. The sleek metal case also provides charging for the buds via USB-C and charges fully in 90 minutes.

As with most Master and Dynamic headphones, the sound is incredible, and styling is also on point. Some of the issues with the earbuds include the 3.5h battery life, which compared to others this is a little on the low side and they are also expensive, coming in at $299/€299. However, this is to be expected of Master and Dynamic and is offset by their magnificent sound quality and unique design.

Head to the Master & Dynamic website for more information.


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