Master & Dynamic launch MW50+ wireless on/over-ear headphones

Simply swap out the ear pads for an on-ear or over-ear experience

We’re not sure about you, but we always bring our own headphones on a long haul flight. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve got on to the plane to find the headphones failing to work and, frankly, they are never decent quality (as they don’t want people to steal them).

But, are you an on-ear or over-ear headphone wearer? There are some people who over the over-ear design as it’s all-encompassing and you’re more likely to block out surrounding noise making them ideal for walking around town or focussing productivity whilst you work. On-ear headphones are more elegant, but much more likely to slip and you find yourself constantly readjusting their position when on the move.

Master & Dynamic has solved this problem with the new MW50+. This 2-in-1 headphone enables you to swap out the ear pads so you can choose between an on-ear or over-ear experience. It’s ingenious.

You still receive all the regular Master & Dynamic design elements which include premium materials, solid tactile components and patent-pending stainless steel components with an all-alluminium antenna for better durability and signal range.

Although the MW50+ are wireless, you receive a multi-point connection, enabling two devices to connect at once, so you can quickly switch between your laptop and phone when listening to music. There’a a 16-hour recharchable battery and if this runs out on a long flight, simply connect the cable for battery-free wired access.

The MW50+ is available to purchase now at $399 (€399) in three colours: Silver Metal/Black Leather, Silver Metal/Brown Leather and Black Metal/Black Leather. Order now and your headphones will ship 15 June.

Go to the Master & Dynamic website for more information.


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