Ron Dorff release ‘Nordic Bootcamp’ inspired AW18 collection

Activewear mixing Swedish functionality and French design flair

Although it always feels strange to be discussing an Autumn/Fall collection in the depths of a warm European summer, now is the time most brands look at launching their latest range in preparation for the cooler months.

At Short Motivation, we’re particularly picky about the brands we support. We can count the number of menswear companies we would recommend on one hand, quickly dismissing most. For men, a brand has to deliver a tricky balance between style, function, durability and comfort. We’ve witnessed a number of brands produce stylish men’s clothing, but the durability and functionality are lacking, especially for activewear. One of the brands that has consistently impressed is Ron Dorff.

Ron Dorff is an activewear brand with a Swedish heritage, designed in France, combining Scandinavian functionality with French flair, thanks to the two owners Claus Lindorff and Jérôme Touron.  Claus Lindorff sums the brand brilliantly as “our core customer is an active, urban male who is happy to invest in the right product and is style conscious but not a fashionista,” he said. “It is someone who doesn’t want to dress like their father in Ralph Lauren and Lacoste, but doesn’t want to dress like a 17-year-old skateboarder either”.

The brand, which consists of four core areas of sportswear, swimwear, underwear and body care, produces clothing you can wear before, after and during exercise.

So, what’s new for AW18? For the cooler season, Ron Dorff has gone back to its Scandinavian roots, taking design cues from the Swedish army. You’ll notice deep greens, a dark navy, winter white, with touches of dusty pink as the highlight colours of the season. Expect to find the classic prints, including ‘Mountain Man’, ‘Discipline Disciple’ and ‘Pump’, which were taken from an imaginary Nordic boot camp.

We’ve highlighted five key products from the AW18 season, below.

Jogging Shorts Piping

Jogging Shorts Piping

The classic shorts come with a tapered fit and are made from cotton loopback fleece with a hint of polyester to ensue a great fit. Pre-washed to prevent shrinkage. We find these shorts to be comfortable, without being too tight on the legs.

We’ve featured this short across the Short Motivation social media and have no hesitation in recommending this as the ideal post-gym lounge short for an evening at home.

Available now for £120.

Sweatshirt Discipline Embossed

Sweatshirt Discipline Embossed

The classic sweatshirt comes in a brushed cotton fleece with a hint of polyester in order to offer a closer fit. It’s pre-washed for minimum shrinkage as well and slightly tapered.

Available in this army green colour, which perfect for the cooler Autumn months, the sweatshirt has an embossed print with Ron Dorff’s slogan ‘Discipline is not a dirty word’. Why nor partner this sweat with the black Exerciser shorts?

Available for £130.

Tank Top Discipline

Tank Top Discipline

The tank top uses a screen print with the classic Ron Dorff slogan in the finest jersey cotton. Again pre-washed to avoid shrinkage.

This is perfect for the gym and, although we usually do not always promote tank tops, this is the perfect exception! Ideal for partnering with a lighter coloured version of the Jogger shorts.

Available now for £50.

Exerciser Shorts

Exerciser Shorts

Going for something slightly shorter than the classics the Exerciser shorts are inspired by the game of rugby, played in the 70’s, designed with a slightly tapered fit. This shorter style should allow for more movement, which is essential for team sports such as rugby, hockey or soccer.

The shorts are made from an ultra-resistant polyester and instead of logos it uses eyelet’s to represent Ron Dorff.

Available now for £110.

Panelled T-shirt Eyelet Edition

Panelled T-shirt Eyelet Edition

Based on the classic Ron Dorff t-shirt with a 30’s design, this 3-panelled design is slightly tapered, made with 100% finest jersey cotton.

The t-shirt includes a 3D rubber print on the chest pocket. It also comes with the Ron Dorff eyelets on the hem to represent the brand The design utilises panels of army green, a moss green and a contrasting pink. Shown here with the Exerciser Shorts in army green.

Available now for £65.

It’s worth adding that the entire AW18 collection is not fully live on the Ron Dorff website. Expect to see a 100% cashmere range and an extension to the Side Lines collection, which we featured in our SS18 review earlier in the year.

Go to the Ron Dorff website for further information.


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