Workout from anywhere and at anytime using the Wakeout app

Use this app to get you fit and active from any any location

It’s all too easy to wake early in the morning, with a plan to head to the gym before we start our day but you feel too comfortable and you won’t want to leave your warm bed. Even harder when waking on a cold winter morning and you don’t want to venture outside.

What we need is an app to get us up and about, to encourage us to active and get fit from anywhere? Well, Wakeout aims to solve this.

Wakeout is an app for iOS which is designed to remind you to start your morning with some exercises to get your blood flow moving instead of your morning coffee, or you could do both (but have the coffee first)! What is one of the best ideas about the app is that it is aimed at anyone and everyone. No matter age, gender, or orientation it is aimed for you to get healthier easier both physically and mentally.

Wakeout enables you to destroy stress in 3 minutes or less. It provides fun and healthy exercises you can do anywhere and it has several options depending on your environment. For instance there is specific exercises for you to do in bed in order to wake up and feel more awake. Want to incorporate the bed, pillows and blankets in to your workout? No problem, Wakeout will help you to achieve these goals.

When you first use the app you’ll be pleased with it’s simplicity and the app has a multitude of workouts available depending on your setting. There are workouts set for your workplace as well and most of them show you what to do and you don’t feel like you’re doing a bunch of repetitive actions. The app uses some of our favourite exercises as well such as squats, arm raises, toe-touches, mountain climbers and also some exciting ones incorporating your environment such as moving a pillow over your head for abs.

As the most difficult things about fitness is actually getting in to it we think using Wakeout may be a great option as it enables you to start with just a few minutes in the morning in your bedroom, and as you progress and make a habit of it, you will be able to get even further within the app and beyond. Wakeout also utilises discreet exercises for you to workout in public, from the couch, and also hand and wrist exercises to precent carpal tunnel which is becoming an issue as we continue to work and live by our computers.

Give Wakeout a try. There is a week free trial and then starts at $7.49 per month and reduces for longer periods.


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