Adidas launches ‘rocket science’ SolarBoost running shoe

Next generation running shoe is lighter and offers a more comfortable fit

What’s your ideal running shoe? Some prefer a lightweight shoe where they can feel the ground when running. Others prefer a more robust, heavyweight trainer, which offers protection for the joints when running on a hard surface.

If you’re a sprinter and your runs are all about speed, you’ll always prefer a lightweight show. For longer distance running, you’ll appreciate the bounce and this is why we use an Adidas UltraBoost for running on hard surfaces.

Adidas has just announced and launched the SolarBoost, which is a brand new trainer and a step up from the original UltraBoost. For starters, the SolarBoost is a similar trainer, but lighter in weight (295g) coming in at an impressive 15g lighter for a man wearing a UK size 8.5.

Claiming Nasa-inspired technology, the SolarBoost is a more compressed trainer, which feels a lot more snug than the UltraBoost, with your toe sitting tight at the end of the shoe and the tongue pressing down on the upper of your foot. But, the fit and feel is comfortable and the new style will not impact your running performance.

The SolarBoost, available now, is the next generation running shoe from Adidas

The SolarBoost also receives other technology improvements. An updated energy rail brings increased stability to your run, a new supportive lightweight heel construction is designed to enable the free motion of the Achilles tendon, whilst sole improvements provide a superior, lightweight cushioning to energise runners from the ground up.

Chris Ekman, Senior Product Manager at Adidas Running, said: “we knew it was time to challenge the status quo of a performance running shoe. To create a lightweight, supportive and comfortable silhouette for every runner, we took inspiration from the automotive and aerospace industries and discovered Tailored Fibre Placement, a precision manufacturing technology that allowed us to stitch materials together more precisely than ever before. We combined this with an updated Energy rail and optimised BOOST for a more efficient take-off. In pioneering the use of Tailored Fibre Placement within the running footwear industry, we were able to engineer the most technical running silhouette ever created by Adidas Running.”

The SolarBoost trainer is available now for a retail price of $160/€160/£140


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