Mr Marvis launches men’s swim range

Brand new range, replicating the style of the regular cotton shorts, but with a swim-friendly quick-drying fabric

The team behind Mr Marvis set out with a mission to create and perfect the everyday men’s short. A daily short you could wear from morning through evening, without ever feeling uncomfortable.

We’ve written about the regular cotton Mr Marvis short before and a couple of colours have appeared across the Short Motivation social media. We like the short, although it can feel a little weighty at times as it’s made with a heavyweight cotton with a soft touch. Designed in Amsterdam, we quickly realised this type of short is ideal for the temperate European summer’s day.

Slightly unexpectedly and with no pre-warning, fanfare or announcement, Mr Marvis has released a brand new range with a collection of men’s swimwear, replicating the style of the regular cotton shorts, but with a swim-friendly quick-drying polyamide (nylon) fabric.

The Lagoons are a swim version of the classic Mr Marvis short

The Mr Marvis swim shorts include both a snap button and a drawstring, meaning if you are between sizes, you can go up a size and quickly adjust to the required fit. The elasticated waist will make the short feel comfortable whatever your waist size. We like the hidden zip pocket under the regular pocket, which enables you to quickly secure your important hotel key card or your villa keys, so you can dive into the pool without losing your valuables.

As you would expect from Mr Marvis, the range includes a number of sharp and appealing colours. The initial 10 colours include The Lagoons (light-blue), The Mavericks (mid-blue), The Limoncellos (light-yellow) and The Oysters (grey). Other colours are coming soon. In addition, 3 Liberty print shorts have been released.

The regular Mr Marvis swim shorts, in a plain colour, are available for €79, with free shipping across The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and France. If you want one of the Liberty print shorts, these are slightly more expensive at €109. Both styles are available in sizes ranging from XS through to 3XL. A free 100-day return policy means you can easily return your short if you’re not happy.

Head to the Mr Marvis website for more information.


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