Prince & Bond launches “Into The Tropics” Spring/Summer 2018 collection

Latest collection is inspired by all the variables that make an ideal tropical vacation

What makes the ideal swim short? Here at Short Motivation, we’d envisage a number of criteria, with the first being a tailored design, so you can wear the same pair of shorts into town as easily as you can by the hotel pool. We’d want our swim shorts to dry rapidly, be adjustable and look as stylish on their own as they would paired with a crisp linen shirt.

With the above in mind, we were pleased to find a brand with the same synergy and vision, combined with a powerful Summer 2017 “Art of the Sea” collection, utilising sharp colours and interesting prints. Look back at the Short Motivation social media and you’ll see we featured a number of shorts from this collection when shooting in the States through Summer 2017.

After shifting production from Portugal to New York, Prince & Bond is back with another striking release, in the form of a compelling Spring/Summer 2018 “Into the Tropics” collection.

The brand has been inspired by all the variables that make an ideal tropical vacation, including the serenity of repetitive ocean waves, lush scenery, exotic plants and endless sunshine. Think of year-round sun, ever-constant weather and a destination which rarely disappoints. Picture waking up with rays bursting through your window, keen to get on with your day and explore your surroundings

The colour palette for this collection captures the tranquillity of the ocean, including soft hues of blues and blue-greens. Inland, the vitality and contrasting sharpness of bold tropical Caribbean flora, including bright oranges and vibrant reds. Our favourite short from the new collection is the incredible Midnight Bloom which, of us, correctly sums up what Prince & Bond wanted to portray from their “Into the Tropics” theme.

In a departure from the majority of the industry, this latest collection was manufactured in New York, the hometown of Prince & Bond. We asked Nnamdi Chuks the advantages of moving production from Portugal and Nnamdi stated “moving production to the United States has offered us a unique hands-on advantage with production. It is also very important for us to meet production deadlines, which is a major concern that brands face especially in their early stages. Manufacturing in the garment district of New York City means we can visit to facilitate production and ensure that we meet the demands of our stockists”.

Interestingly, sourcing the usual European swimwear fabric was made more difficult within the United States, but this simply made Chuks more determined to locate the best fabric for men’s swimwear. The new season fabric is certainly a lot lighter, ideal for those hot summer months and a humid atmosphere, The lighter fabric also lends to easier movement and a quicker-drying finish. Nnamdi added, “we made sure that our fabric fits in with this season’s theme aesthetically and technically using a speciality polyester blend fabric with a semi-gloss finish to capture the vivaciousness of tropical foliage and a lighter weight fabric with breathability to ensure maximum comfort when the temperature rises in the tropics.”

We took a closer look at four shorts from the “Into the Tropics” collection.

Midnight Bloom

Midnight Bloom

Probably our favourite short from “Into the Tropics”, featuring all the key components which make up the elements that underpin this collection.

These Midnight Bloom shorts utilise a print exclusive to Prince & Bond. Expect an indigo base, include Iresine leaves, with sharp hues of red, orange and green, reflecting the hues you’d expect to find in the tropics.

Available for $225

Blood Orange

Blood Orange

It’s hard to find the right red short and we think Prince & Bond has nailed it with the Blood Orange. A colour which varies from medium red to deep orange, depending on the light and surroundings.

This short is inspired by the aromatic Moro Blood oranges you’d expect to find in the Italian island of Sicily. We think this would look fantastic partnered with a plain white t-shirt.

Available for $150

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

Another print from “Into the Tropics”, this time underpinned by a teal background and another unique print from Prince & Bond.

When you think of the flora which makes up a tropical destination, the ‘Bird of Paradise’ is a classic flower, presenting a firey blaze set against the cool teal background.

Available for $225

Shark Tooth II

Shark Tooth II

We are pleased to see a popular print from the previous “Art of the Sea” collection makes its way across to “Into the Tropics” and for a good reason, it’s inspired by the colours from the sea.

Taking a cue from the works of MC Esher, this short uses light ocean blue tessellations to create a sharp but subtle pattern. We think this print has a luxurious edge and we can envisage wearing a pair of these for evening drinks on a boat, with a crisp linen shirt.

Available for $175

This is a small selection of the wider Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Another highlight is the collaboration with the COMO Metropolitan in South Beach. This is an exclusive hand-painted design from New York-based artist Christina Chobot, the poppy colourful sketch of the hotel pool makes for a playful, lively interpretation of this famous destination. The COMO collaboration short will be available exclusively from the hotel store.

Head over to the Prince & Bond website to view the complete collection.


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