This London office is going out of its way to keep employees fit

Office block installs a professional-level running track on the roof

With increased awareness of keeping employees fit and active, it is very common to see office workers arrive at the office with a gym bag, whether it be to workout at lunch or after work or even squeezing in your exercise pre-work.

Many companies offer discounted gym membership in order to keep you fit as it is their best interest. Healthy bodies equal healthy minds and active employees are less likely to have days off ill, suffer from anxiety and feel like they want to leave the company.

Well, one office building – the White Collar Factory in Old Street London – has taken it to the next level to keep their employees fit. They’ve installed a rooftop 150-metre running circuit! It has cushioned rubber crumb, like a normal running track, and was installed instead of putting in a regular boring cleaning track.

The track is narrow, follows an anti-clockwise running direction and has a start/finish line. As the building will house over three thousand people it remains to be seen whether this will become too popular, in which case you’d likely have to book a slot to get your exercise in. Nonetheless, it is a great concept and something we’d like to see happen more often.

Hopefully, this can pave the way for many offices and companies to rethink how they create atmospheres for their employees to work in. The days of white drab offices should hopefully be gone soon. The rest of the white collar building is absolutely stunning and seems like a great place to have an office.

Do you want to work in this office? Head to the White Collar Factory website for more information.


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