ashmei x TRIBE collaborate for October’s “Challenge 31”

Every year, the performance wear brand ashmei encourages its followers to get fitter by taking part in the latest challenge. The reward is often a discount from ashmei products, across the range. As ashmei rarely has a sale, it’s one of the few ways to purchase key products at a discounted price.

This year ashmei as partnered with TRIBE to present the latest challenge, which will be live through October. You have various options. At a basic level, you can run and complete 1 mile each and every day (and you can’t miss a single day). Each mile has to be monitored and saved to Strava. Alternatively, you can choose to ride 5 miles.

If you complete one of these two basic challenges (and anyone should be able to run 1 mile), the reward is a huge 50% off a special commemorative top, 15% off the complete ashmei and TRIBE range, plus one lucky winner will receive a 6 month TRIBE subscription.

What is TRIBE (alternatively known as “We Are Tribe”)? Essentially a community of like-minded active individuals, with a number of events organised through the year. As part of the October challenge, you can get involved with one of these events, including a 10Km night run on 18th of October or an ultra run, at Wembley stadium, on 28 October.

As part of the tougher challenge, and if you manage to get to one of the TRIBE x ashmei events, you need to run a minimum 131 miles through October. Alternatively, you can bike 531 miles. If you manage to achieve this, your ashmei reward is upgraded to 20% across both the ashmei and TRIBE range, including clothing.

You can find more information about “Challenge 31” at the Eventbrite page.


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