Bulldog Gear launch a new innovative product to improve your grip

Bulldog Gear is a British gym equipment manufacturing company creating high-quality products such as rigs, racks and great accessories like the timers, sleds and much more. Here at Short Motivation, we have a selection of the products and we think it’s a company is going from strength to strength producing innovative gadgets to make sure you get a full body workout.

The most recent launch is no different and will see you upgrade your grip training and make sure your forearms match the development of the rest of your body. The Grandfather Clock Grips enable you to change your grip training to ensure optimal forearm development. The device can be attached to a bar and used for pull-ups, to kettlebells, barbells or even dumbbells to perform forearm work such as farmers walks, rows or curls.

These grips provide an alternate stimulus to improve your rope climbs, which is great if you’re training with limited height or want to improve your rope climbing abilities with limited equipment when you’re not able to get to the gym. You can continue to improve your rope climb and grip skills even when you’re at home or even while on the road.

The Bulldog Gear Grandfather clock grips include a karabiner and a 30cm long webbing strap to attach them easily to any training equipment.  We’d love to try this out to continue to develop grip strength as this is something which is easily forgotten at the gym.

Stock is very limited, so go and grab your Grandfather Clock Grips and check out the other equipment available from the Bulldog Gear website.


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