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Could we be headed for larger coach seats?

In the United States, passenger rights groups are making progress in securing a minimum amount of space you should require for leg-room. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has sided with passenger rights group and agreed that the FAA should set basic seat requirements.

Brand Focus
Brand Focus: Sørensen

We are continuing our regular “Brand Focus”, and this month see us focusing on a company we’ve really grown to admire over the past few months. Not just for the unique high quality clothes they are producing, but also for the start-up mentality the owner has had to exhibit and the brand ethos which was developed from scratch. The brand in question is Sørensen.

Speedy Healthy Pizzas

Conventional pizza is loaded with carbs and gluten from the bready base – delicious but not so great for your waistline or energy levels. This super quick alternative using gram (chickpea) flour is unbelievably simple, yet still delicious and packed full of fresh flavours.

Introducing Bowler & Beach

Bowler & Beach was launched with a mission to produce the highest quality swimwear on a realistic budget. Established in 2016 by brothers Matt & BJ; both grew up spending their Summers on sun-drenched beaches in Portugal.

Back to Basics: Squats

Everyone has differing ideas of what they would call their ‘king of exercises’. Walk around your local gym and you probably see lots of people that would place bench presses or bicep curls at the top of their list, but here at Short Motivation we the squat as our premier exercise.

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