Could we be headed for larger coach seats?

If you think airline seats are decreasing in size, you’d be correct. On some planes, the distance between yourself and the person crushing your legs, whilst reclining their seat, is a staggeringly poor 28 inches! In addition, seat width is now down to a measly 17 inches. No wonder you feel like you are unfolding yourself when you step off a plane after flying coach.

In the United States, passenger rights groups are making progress in securing a minimum amount of space you should require for your leg room. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has sided with passenger rights group and agreed that the FAA should set some basic seat requirements to meet modern Americans.

The basis for intervention was that there are not enough studies to determine if the currently cramped cabins can be evacuated safely and quickly. The FAA argues the safety tests show an aircraft is safe, but the passenger rights group say the seats current seats are only designed to suit an athletically built person with the maximum height of 5 foot 11″ and that the average American, is anything but in 2017.

Thus it seems, that with future designs at least, you’ll be able to expect a larger coach seat when you step on your plane on future journeys.


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