Castore launches Sovereign collection with a new weather-proofed Swiss fabric

Lightweight, yet offers protection against the harshest outdoor elements

The sportswear market is huge, but every manufacturer appears to promote their collection around one common claim:  that their products have exclusive sweat-reducing fibres which put them one step ahead of their competitors.

In our experience, this is just necessary marketing. Of course, if you compare the material used in your products with regular 100% cotton, nearly every man-made fabric will remove sweat more swiftly. One big sportswear manufacturer claims their technology  “wicks sweat away from your skin to the fabric’s surface, where it quickly evaporates” but look more closely at the fabric composition and it’s simply 100% polyester which has always been designed to avoid soaking up sweat – that’s why the material is used in swimwear.

Castore is a men’s sports brand with a difference. Founded by two British brothrs, Philip and Thomas Beahon, the brand set out from the start to disrupt the market with new technologies, including laser-cut tops, sonic-welded seams, an ultra-lightweight fabric and a material we’d never experienced before. If you look back at some of the earlier Short Motivation social media, we were huge fans of the Castore products and still use both the shorts and tops to enhance our own workouts, to this day.

Castore has announced a brand new Sovereign collection and it introduces a brand new Swiss-developed fabric. Lightweight, at only 150GSM and using the same bonded construction you’ll expect from a Castore piece, the new fabric composition is a tighter weave developed to provide protection from the weather but allowing body moisture to transfer away from the clothing.

The new Garcia hoody will keep you dry in the wettest conditions

The brand new Garcia hoody has our attention. Designed for the cooler months, this top is 100% waterproof but merino-lined for extra warmth. You can expect to find a mobile phone pocket, completely protected against the elements, so you can listen to your music, hood up, even in the worst winter conditions. Now you have no excuse not to get on your morning run.

The new Sovereign collection consists of 6 key pieces. A Harlem short-sleeve t-shirt, the Garcia hoody, Oliver shorts, Reuben shorts, Oliver shorts, Ponting trousers and a lightweight Langham jacket, designed for layering, which has also caught our attention. The new pieces include alternative colour variations.

Go and check the Sovereign Collection at the Castore website.


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