Our favourite picks from the Orlebar Brown SS18 sale

But get your order in quickly before they sell out of your favourite style and size

It’s time to shift stock and prep for the cooler autumn season and, with that in mind, the Orlebar Brown’s spring/summer 2018 sale is now live and there are some bargains to be found! With the continuing hot weather this is a great time for you to pick up some of the current lightweight items or simply stock up for next year.

As always with an Orlebar Brown bi-annual sale, you can expect to pick up some fantastic products and, frankly, some of the best resort and beach wear there is on the market.

We recommend you jump on this sale very quickly as the best products go first and some of the most popular sizes are starting to run low already. If you prefer to wait it out a little, the prices may drop a bit further on some of the less popular items. Of course you take the risk on missing out on your favourite pieces.

Below are our top 5 choices from the current sale. There are so many top products we struggled to highlight 5, but we think you’ll love them!

Bulldog X in Sage

Bulldog X in Sage

The classic Orlebar Brown swim short in a classic colour. You simply cannot go wrong with this short. With a 6″ inseam, the Bulldog can be used as a daily short around town, by the pool or for a drink at the bar. Mix this up with a colourful OB-T or OB-V to make an impression.

This Sage colour is a military green style which OB has produced several variations of throughout the seasons. This Bulldog X pair features gold detailing to add a touch of luxury.

Available for £115, rather than £195, which is a saving of 40% from the retail price.

Sammy T in Linen

Sammy T in Linen

Our second favourite Orlebar Brown t-shirt style is the Sammy, which features a classic fit wit straight hems and seam vents.

The Sammy in linen is absolutely perfect for the summer and features a seaside-themed colour palette and a lightweight feel for the heat!

Available for £35, rather than £75, which is a huge saving of 54% from the retail price.

Maddox in Navy

Maddox in Navy

Orlebar Brown has been designing jackets for quite a while now. At the beginning, whilst they looked great they weren’t the best quality. When a new designer with a history of jacket design came on board a few years ago, we noticed an improved quality, with fabric sourced and woven in Japan.

The Maddox jacket is a classic Harrington jacket with mid-century style taken from military origins. This jacket is a little thicker and works well for summer nights, you can also combine with most things, over a shirt and jeans, or with some sweatpants if you’re headed out on a casual night.

Available for £145, rather than £245, which is a saving of 40% from the retail price.

Cayson in Navy

Cayson in Navy

Our ‘go to’ Orlebar Brown chino. Made with a lightweight cotton twill, these will see you through the week. Unlike the more formal Griffin trouser, the Cayson includes waist belt loops to enable you to wear a belt, which is our preferred choice. The trouser is combined with a little bit of elastane giving the trouser a great stretch.

If you go for the navy option, you can layer this with a shirt, OB-T, polo or go for a plain white t-shirt

Available for £95, rather than £145, which is a saving of 30% off the retail price.

Larson in Military Green/Hazard Orange

Larson in Military Green/Hazard

Orlebar Brown has been producing the Larson “shoe that you can swim in” for a few seasons. This ultra light-weight shoe weighs just 201 grams, making it practical to wear through the day. It has an elasticated back which means you can keep it on while swimming and it also makes it ideal for the beach as you can easily slide it on and back off.

The colour-way of military green and hazard orange perfectly combines the subtle and flash to create a shoe you can use pretty much anywhere.

Available for £65, normally £95, saving 30% off the retail price.

There you have it, our top 5 choices from this sale. To check out the rest of the sale and to pick out your own favourites visit the Orlebar Brown website.

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