Bang & Olufsen release updated Beoplay E6 wireless earphone

Improved materials, portable charger, increased retail price

Most of us listen to music on the move, whether we’re on a long plane journey or down the gym. But what sort of headphone do you prefer?

The old-fashioned over-ear cans are back in fashion, primarily as they offer the best sound experience. Problem is, wearing these for a run, isn’t really practical. Even down the gym, you don’t want huge over-ear headphones on your head.

One option is an in-ear earphone, such as the Apple AirPod, which is hugely popular. When we were in Los Angeles recently, it was rarer to see people who weren’t wearing an AirPod. People walking dogs on calls, businessmen heading to the office, busy mom’s taking their kids to school, they were omnipresent. Sometimes you’d see someone with the single AirPod. They are easy to lose, too (which might explain why someone has been left with the single AirPod).

But, is something you see everywhere ‘cool’? We don’t think so here at Short Motivation and we’re pleased to see an update to the Bang & Olufsen H5 wireless earphone, in the form of the new E6.

The E6 is available in Black, Sand (featured here) and, soon, Dark Plum

What’s new in E6? It takes what worked well with the H5’s and refines the design and the quality of the materials. You now receive silicone ear fins which offer a tighter fit, necessary when out for a jog. Improved sweat and moisture resistant housing will keep them fresh, whilst a new cord system will reduce impact noise which used to come from the cord rubbing against clothing when on the move.

An improved in-line, anodized aluminium remote gives you quick control over the built-in microphone, enabling you to take, receive and end a call when you’re heading to work, plus has full support for Siri and Google Assistant.

As with the previous H5’s, the earphones connect to each other using a magnetic system, meaning if they are out of the ear, they won’t slide off your neck and end up on the floor. What’s new with the E6 is a snap-on charging cable, meaning you can charge on the move. Simply connect the supplied cable to the E6 and the other to a portable USB charger and you’re ready to go.

The new E6 is available now from the Beoplay store for $299/299/£269 in Black, Sand and a Dark Plum colour which will ship from 13 September.


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