ashmei x The Woolmark Company launch ‘Be Cool in Wool’ summer campaign

Wool keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, whilst you remain odour-free

How many Short Motivation followers associate wool with the cooler months? Be fair, the majority. You tend to bag away your Merino wool jumpers over summer and rarely get them back out until September the earliest.

But, what happens if we told you that Merino wool was also used in performance wear and by some of the top runners, cyclists and other sports men and women? So, why Merino wool? Apart from feeling incredibly comfortable on the skin, due to the natural fibres, it also (and surprisingly) can keep you cool in warm climates as it regulates body heat more effectively than man-made fibre such as polyester.

Merino wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre and one of the most breathable. Wool can absorb large quantities of moisture – twice as much as cotton and over 30 times as much as synthetic fibre such as polyester – the fabric enables your body to evaporate sweat quickly, also making the garment feel less clingy and more comfortable to wear. Better still, it has anti-bacterial properties, meaning there’s less build-up of unpleasant odour. We’ve found, here at Short Motivation, we often layer Merino wool tops and wear them numerous times before requiring a machine wash.

Our good friends at ashmei are pioneers of Merino wool and Stuart Brooke, founder of the brand,  summed up the situation with “it’s incredible really, but we still meet customers who don’t realise that Merino wool will keep athletes cooler in hot conditions than synthetics. I think it’s because they relate Merino wool to the jumper they wear in winter. It feels to us that it’s high time for a re-education programme”.

He goes even further, stating “The public has been brainwashed to believe synthetics are a higher performing fibre. I think that this is down to major players in the sportswear market promoting its benefits of wicking and drying. However, what they don’t tell you is the fact that synthetics warm you up and actually make you sweat more!”

So, ashmei decided to do something about it. In association with The Woolmark Company, headed to a hot and sultry Australia to film an introductory video to demonstrate how Merino wool performs in a warmer climate. The “Be Cool in Wool” campaign has resulted in this video which can be seen below.

Be sure to share the new #becoolinwool hashtag across social media and share the Merino wool love. In the meantime, look out for some popup events through August and September.

For more information, head to the ashmei “Be Cool in Wool” website.




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