Why the Beoplay P2 is our ultimate travel speaker

Lightweight, compact, quick-charging, long battery life and sounds fantastic

We’re not sure about you, but there are a few essentials we need for any vacation and this includes our music. We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve sat around a pool and have to endure someone else’s music, tried to direct a speaker from within our villa so we can hear it outside or, worse, sat in complete silence.

You can bring a pair of headphones and listen to your own music, but what happens if you have a bunch of friends around for a few drinks or you want to share your music with a few other people whilst having a meal?

Of course, one option is to play music from your iPhone, but this sounds awful and hardly a solution for impressing your friends.

Lugging a heavy speaker abroad isn’t feasible either. You want a speaker which is portable, lightweight, has a long-lasting battery, enables you to stream for your smartphone, but at the same time sounding fantastic.

We think we’ve found the perfect speaker, the Beoplay P2. And you can stream audio from just about any device, including your iPhone.

“One option is to play music from your iPhone, but this sounds awful and hardly a solution for impressing your friends”

Here at Short Motivation, we’re big fans of the Beoplay range, which is a division of Danish audio specialists Bang & Olufsen. We own an A9 which we use to stream audio around our office, whilst the A1 is a small speaker ideal for moving around the home but packing a powerful punch.

The P2 really is tiny. You can hold the entire unit within one hand and it’s no bigger than a man’s wallet, but sounds fantastic

Why the P2? It combines all the elements we’ve mentioned previously. It’s tiny at 14 x 8 x 2cm (it easily fits in one hand), it’s lightweight (275g), it’s well made (crafted out of aluminium and with a rubber base), you can wirelessly stream from nearly any device thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 support, but packs impressive 10-hour of playtime.

But, it gets better. Thanks to USB-C, you can charge from your standard MacBook charger, there’s microphone meaning you can use the device for chatting on Skype, plus it supports commands from Alexa and Google Voice, so you can control your music without leaving your sunbed.

The P2 lacks any regular controls. There are no buttons, apart from a subtle on/off switch. To control, you simply setup various tap and shake commands from the Beoplay app, so you can quickly forward to the next track simply by touching the unit.

Don’t worry though, despite the size, the P2 packs an impressive sound. Everyone we’ve shown the P2 is impressed with the sound from such a small speaker, partly thanks to the 2 x 15W class D woofer and tweeter. For audiophiles, the frequency range is a decent 68 Hz – 21.000Hz.

The P2 ships in four vibrant colours. We own the Royal Blue, but there is a plain Black, Sandstone and a new Teal option for SS18.

Go to the Beoplay website for more information.

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