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It’s all change at Short Motivation! New website and store launching 18 May

Launching the brand new website, store and collaboration with Prince & Bond

Short Motivaton launched March 2017 with the intention of inspiring people to get fit, get active and ultimately look good in a pair of shorts.

Over the last 12 months, we have grown our social media with over 27,000 followers on Instagram and 77,000 across Facebook, whilst the website is now packed with articles about fitness, nutrition and destination advice, making it hard to navigate to the content.

This is all about to change.

New Short Motivation website article page with improved readability

On 18 May we’ll be launching the brand new Short Motivation website, which has a ‘magazine style’ design, making it instantly easier to find the latest content on a completely revised homepage. There are other improvements too. The article pages are now clearer to read, with larger fonts, a full-width headline image, strapline and improved page navigation.

The new website will be free but with a subscription option. As you’d expect, there’s a free basic Bronze level which enables anyone to browse the content, without payment.

Shortly after launch, we’ll be launching a brand new Silver membership at a low $10/month. This will include a host of improved content, such as access to our forthcoming ‘Foundation’ plan, exclusive training material, behind the scenes info from our trips, discounts from the Short Motivation store and our exclusive partners. You’ll also have group chat access to the Short Motivation team to help you with your ‘Foundation’ plan and other benefits to be announced soon.

Later, we’re planning to add a Gold subscription which will build on our ‘Foundation’ plan. Gold will offer you more of a tailored 1:1 service, enabling direct access to the Short Motivation personal trainers. You can obtain personalised advice, a personalised training plan, ongoing support, deeper discounts from the Short Motivation store and our partners, even more exclusive content and much more.

In addition, the Short Motivation store is on the way. Initially, we’ll be launching our collaboration with men’s swimwear powerhouse Prince & Bond, but we have plans to offer more content, such as our own fitness products to accompany our forthcoming ‘Foundation’ three-month plan.

Keep one eye on Short Motivation website and the forthcoming store for our big launch on 18 May!


About Author

The co-founder of Short Motivation, Chris originates from a technology background, initially developing software and then migrating to the international magazine industry for the last 15 years. The idea for Short Motivation came from travelling through 2011 and eventually became reality six years later, in 2017.