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We want to visit: Aruba

The Caribbean is a stunning place, so many islands to visit but in recent times, it has been featured in the news for all the wrong reason, with Hurricanes hurtling through the region and causing havoc and tourist to be evacuated. When you mention the Caribbean a lot of people think about islands like Antigua, Jamaica, The Bahamas and Barbados. However, further South West and out of the hurricane belt you’ll find other islands. Such as the Dutch Antilles known as the ABC islands which are comprised of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao which includes the next destination we want to visit – Aruba.

 We want to stay at The Renaissance Aruba:

Aruba is the smallest island but contains many hotels, whether it be larger chains or smaller unique hotels. We’d like to stay at the Renaissance hotel and resort in Oranjestad. While it isn’t at the Palm or Eagle beach like many of the other hotels it does come with a lot of other benefits and features. You’re close to the city and situated in a mall and finally, you get access to the Renaissance private island which also is home to the iconic flamingos of Aruba so you can spend time to soak up some sun, just make sure you don’t get as pink as the flamingos! There is also an adult only side at the Marina side of the hotel and a family friendly side – the ocean suites.

We want to eat and drink at Papiamento and Coffee House:

Caribbean food makes us think of tropical delights with spicy flavours. Papiamento is supposed to be the place to be when in Aruba if you want the authentic Caribbean experience. You’ll be sitting around a turquoise pool enjoying lunch or dinner in a stunning and lush garden. Local delicacies such as Papaya, okra and cactus make up dishes, with inventive dishes made up by head chef Edward Ellis.

In the Caribbean, you’d not expect to find many coffee shops. However, there are a few on Aruba and the aptly name Coffee House is a place that is worth visiting. It is the first retail coffee house in Aruba and offers a large selection of coffees with a wide variety of roasts. They also offer loose teas, organic teas and a wide variety of organic teas

We want to take a UTV tour:

 There is a lot of stuff to do in Aruba including Scuba Diving, but if you really want an adrenaline rush in Aruba, the UTV tours across the dessert in Aruba is the one! You can rent various UTV’s, ATV’s, Quad Bikes and SUV’s to ride across the dessert. So you can combine the beach fun in Aruba with some fun as well!


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