Mr Porter opens Kingsman bricks and mortar retail store

You’ve likely seen the movie, where the Kingsmen are characters who work in a men’s retail store in Saville Row? Well, Mr Porter, the online menswear warehouse, has moved into bricks and mortar retail by opening its first store: Kingsman.

The Mr Porter x Kingsman collection is a number of clothes produced by various clothing manufacturers which are then featured throughout the movies. Each piece is designed exclusively for the movie and is unavailable elsewhere. As an example, there are unique one-off glasses developed by Cutler and Gross. The t-shirts are regular Orlebar Brown OB-Ts, Turnball & Asser developed the shirts, whilst  Mackintosh created the coats.

Some of the pieces featured in the movie were developed by Mr Porter in association with Ms Arianne Phillips, the costume designer for the movies.

Where’s the new store? Unfortunately not Saville Row, but only a short walk from the famous street. The Kingsman store is located in Mayfair, 4 St James Street to be exact. If you’re looking to pay the store a visit, it’s open 10am through 6pm every day apart from Sunday (when it’s closed).

You can follow the store on Facebook or simply shop the collection from the Mr Porter website.


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