Take a look at Vollebak, the next generation of adventure gear

The way we want to travel is changing. We’re becoming bored with travelling with the masses, lying around a pool all day. Travel is becoming more adventurous with people going hiking, skiing, running, surfing, and taking on many more activities. We want to see what our bodies can do.

With this sense of adventure, the right type of clothing is required to keep you warm, dry and safe. There are many powerful brands out there who have focused on these core features, but there is a startup taking it to the next level: Vollebak. Founded two years ago by twin brothers and adventure athletes Nick and Steve Tidball, the company pushes the boundaries to produce some of the toughest clothing in the market.

Their range was originally based on their Baker Miller Pink hoodie, which is a relaxation piece which enables you to shut out everything around you as the hood entirely covers your face when required. It also comes supplied with its own soundtrack to play relaxing tunes as you try and filter out the outside world. Ideal for travelling on a plane, camping and similar adventures.

Most relevant to ourselves at Short Motivation is the launch of the ceramic black range which is an extraordinary material, designed as either a baselayer, midlayer, t-shirt and also a jacket. This range offers ceramic coating technology which makes it highly abrasion resistant, meaning that the clothing can stand up to friction and wear and tear and can withstand a lot of pressure, such as when you come off your bike. With 20% elastane, along with a special type of stitching, the fabric stretches as you move.

Rather impressively, Vollebak has launched a hoodie, which they claim will last for 100 years! This hoodie is built from the same materials found in spacesuits, body armour and aircraft carriers. The aramid fibre has the strength to weight ratio of five times that of steel and is spun into a super-soft knit to make a hoodie last you a lifetime. The 100 year hoodie is put to the test in the video below.

To view Vollebak’s exciting range, visit their website.


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