REN Skincare announce “Perfect Canvas” silicon-free serum

Designed to firm, improve and increase skin elasticity

Everyone has a different daily skin care regime, but few people have perfected their collection. How often do you use a scrub to exfoliate your skin? Do you apply a mask more than once a week? Do you ever use a serum to give your skin that extra boost it requires?

A serum is the best way to get the highest quality skin care ingredients on to your face. Whereas a moisturiser is a daily requirement, especially for people with dry skin, a serum will help boost and firm up your skin and should be used at least twice a week.

REN Skincare has announced “Perfect Canvas”, a lightweight silicone-free serum, which is a lightweight serum you can use in addition to your regular moisturiser. Designed with probiotics extract, it contains essential proteins and enzymes which will both improve your skin, improve skin cohesion and create a barrier to get your skin through the day. Agave tequilana extract will give your skin a filling effect, reducing lines and the inclusion of α-Glucans promotes the growth of skin-friendly bacteria.

Available immediately, with the 30ml bottle retailing for £50/€59/$60, check with your local REN Skincare stockist or head directly to the REN website for more information.


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