Take a look at REN Skincare’s new Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium body range

Range of six products designed to restore and maintain the body’s magnesium balance

REN Skincare, the luxury British skincare company founded in 2000, has always focused on the purity of product, sourcing from 100% plant and mineral-derived actives, free from skin harming synthetic ingredients. Products never contain parabens, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances which have been known to irritate skin. 

REN’s brand new collection, Atlantic Kelp and Magnesiumis a body range focused on renewing your energy levels by utilising its natural ingredients as an antidote. The use of kelp and seaweeds have long been known to have a restorative effect and REN say this will fight fatigue stress and pollution in our modern lives. Magnesium has many restorative effects which include ability to tackle insomnia. As magnesium is a mineral easily absorbed through the skin, using this within a body lotion seems logical.

For the past couple of weeks, we have been lucky enough to have been trailing the latest products from range, which includes:

Anti-Fatigue Body Wash ($23/£20). This is a body wash with seaweed extracts and magnesium. We found the body wash to be cooling and soothing, which left our skin feeling rejuvenated and revived, ready for the daily activities ahead.

Anti-Fatigue Body Cream ($38/£22). Containing a powerful micro algae, the cream is designed to firm up fatigued skin. Our initially feeling was that post-shower, the cream left our skin feeling nourished and smooth. We liked that the texture of the body cream wasn’t too sticky or gloopy, which meant it dried relatively quickly, which can be frustrating with body creams.

Energising Hand Wash & Energising Hand Lotion ($23/£16 and $27/£18). A gentle hand cleanser with invigorating essential oils, designed for delicate skin. We found that both of these products have a strong, clean scent to them and left my hands feeling hydrated, nourished and well protected.

Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub (150ml $27/£18). Use this exfoliator either in the bath or shower to renew your skin. We found that this exfoliator felt gentle on our skin, which left the skin feeling a lot smoother afterwards. Any debris and dirt in our skin pores had been lifted, and felt more moisturised.

Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil ($30/£26). An oil formulated with seaweed to moisturise the skin and relax your body and mind. We found this oil had a soothing and calming scent, without leaving your skin feeling it had been over-oiled.

The new Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Body Range is available from 30 May from the REN website and all good stockists.


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