Project Jacquard is an interesting Google and Levis smart wear project

In our ever-connected world, we are balancing our devices and wearables. Whether it be a smartwatch, your mobile phone, a pair of Google Glasses or a fitness tracker, we are seeking clothes to store them and, better to be able to control these devices.

In terms of smart wear, there are a few connected clothing brands that focus on relaying body signals to your phone including your heart rate, breathing rate and other vital body signs. Project Jacquard, which is a joint project from Google and Levis, aims to enable you to control your smartphone or smartwatch from your clothing.

Project Jacquard is a project between Google and Levi

The first Project Jacquard release will be a Commuter Jacket, aimed squarely at urban bike commuters. It is produced with a conductive yarn that combines thin metallic alloys with typical materials in clothing such as cotton, polyester, wool and silk. The fibres are then linked to a detachable smart tag which is located on the cuff and is connected to your smartphone. With the smart commuter denim jacket, bikers can control their mobile phone through the sleeve, without having to go anywhere near the device.

What this means is that you’ll be able to answer and dismiss calls, control messages, get directions, change your music or see nearby places directly from the sleeve. Having all this tech in a classic denim jacket made by stalwart Levi’s will also mean people will want to wear it.

View the introductory video below.

The jacket design is helpful to cyclists with a longer back so it will not ride up your back when you’re cycling. The jacket is also fully washable which is also an added benefit.

The jacket will launch in Autumn and will cost a reasonable $350. Head to the Google website for more information on the first iteration of Project Jacquard.


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