App Review: Peek Tours & Activities

Stuck for what to do when you’re on vacation? Let Peek help you find a range of awesome activities!


Manufacturer: Peek Inc.
Review Version: 1.3.2
Price: Free (in-app purchases for tours etc.)
Platform: iOS

When you travel to any destination, whether for leisure or business or leisure, a question we ask ourselves is what should we do when we’re there. Leave it late and you find yourself scrambling online and looking tour guides to find what there is to do when you’ve arrived. Then there is the issue of finding the best value for the experience you desire.

Peek is an all in one app which enables you discover and book incredible activities. Whether you want to go spearfishing in Cabo San Lucas, doing the Haunted Ghost walking tours in New Orleans, an electric bike tour around Paris, or a culinary walking tour around one of many cities, Peek has you covered and so much more.

The app enables you to book ahead or book activities last minute.

When you first open the app, you’ll be presented with a quiz in order to discover your ‘travel persona’. After this, you’ll receive customised activity recommendations picked by Peek based on the information you provided. You can use the app to book specific dates well in advance, and there is also the option to book last minute in case you’ve arrived somewhere and you’re stuck for what to do.

Peek enables you to pick activities based on categories as well such as those off the beaten path, if you have kids or if you have a particular interest such as a walking tour. You can also select specific neighbourhoods with the city you’re located. If you’re in London, you can narrow it down to Shoreditch, Nottinghill, Soho and more. Similarly, you can also choose to narrow it down to certain attractions e.g. Big Ben, Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace.

The app is a really good travel companion and enables you to also browse offline so you can keep looking for things to do even when you’re on public transport. The only limitations of note are it doesn’t cover that many cities outside the United States and it also is only available in the US app store for the moment. However, if they can continue the growth and push event organisers to the professional app, Peek Professional, it will certainly improve.


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