Sundried – the ethical clothing brand making t-shirts from coffee granules

The new range includes a sports t-shirt made from composted coffee grounds

Sundried, a British activewear clothing company, is taking sustainability and ethics to the next level. They care deeply about the environment and go one step further to sustain through their products. They cooperate with several charities including surfers against sewage, water for kids and more.

Their entire clothing range is made from the highest sports-tech materials and produced in Portugal in order to function at the highest level, which comes first and foremost. Next, but as important, is the ethical element where the products are designed and made from sustainable and recyclable materials.

The ethical element is surrounded around the whole production cycle, in partnership with The Low Carbon Innovation Fund in recognition of working towards contributing towards a low carbon economy and to keep the footprint as minimal as possible. Any forthcoming new ranges will be produced in UK or Europe. All employees are treated well and are encouraged to exercise thirty minutes of everyday to offset any negative impact from sitting too much. In fact, Sundried encourages users to wash cool and sun dry in order to keep environmental impact as low as possible – hence the name ‘Sundried’.

Their latest Olperer range is taking the ethical ethos to the extreme, including the use of some really cool materials which include Tee’s made entirely by using recycled plastic bottles and old coffee grounds. Say, what? The coffee granules help the material offer a natural barrier to UV rays and the process is similar to making viscose from bamboo, resulting in a soft, light, flexible and breathable fabric. These fabrics are activated with carbon derived from coconut which creates moisture wicking abilities required for sport.

The Sundried Olperer T-Shirt is available for £40, which is a great price considering the environmental impact and can be bought from the Sundried website. Other products are expected in the ranged in the near future.



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