Our top picks from the Mr Porter Spring/Summer 2017 sale

It’s that time of the year again, where the bi-annual Mr Porter sale goes live and you can pick up some lightweight Spring pieces at a time when you probably need them the most. The current Mr Porter sale went live today, Monday 19 June.

Lucky for us, clothing manufacturers follow a quarterly release schedule and most start to launch their Autumn/Winter collection as early as May, but nearly always before September. With this in mind, retailers such as Mr Porter need to clear their current collections. Sadly, that doesn’t mean every item from the Summer season is in the sale as some manufacturers have only recently launched their Summer collection.

Hurry! Like we referenced with the Matches Fashion sale last week, the Mr Porter sale has already been live to existing customers for a couple of weeks and key pieces are selling fast (although we have noted that some pieces are further discounted in this ‘general public’ sale). Some brands have completely disappeared from the sale as every item has sold out.

It’s worth noting that Mr Porter ships worldwide from their HQ in the United Kingdom.

We’ve highlighted a few key pieces from the current sale. We suggest you head to Mr Porter and look around as quickly as possible. We had an item in our basket this morning, hesitated and by mid-morning it had sold out.

Harding 47 Round-Frame Sunglasses by Garret Leight

Harding 47 Round-Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate Mirrored Sunglasses by Garret Leight

Featured heavily across the Short Motivation social media, Garret Leight California Optical is one of our favourite sunglasses brands, launched from Venice, California in 2011.

Each pair of GLCO sunglasses are designed in Los Angeles incorporating various aesthetics of the city. The Harding is a distinctive round shape with a solid brow bar and a mirrored green lens.

Available at only £182, saving 30% from the retail price.

Lean Dean by Nudie Jeans

Lean Dean by Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans – a classic amongst denim brands. Nudie Jeans really set the standard in denim and they also have some odd practices when it with their advice, such as avoid washing them for the first 6 months in order to break them in properly. We’ll leave you to decide whether that is something you want to do.

This Lean Dean pair is shipped in a regular wash, is a slim cut finish with a stretch so you won’t feel restricted while looking very dapper in a great fit! Again, the Lean Dean has been regularly featured across the Short Motivation social media.

Nudie’s are normally a decent price at £120, but the Lean Deans are available for only £72 in the sale – saving 40%!

Sidewalk Short Length Printed Swim Shorts by Frescobol

Sidewalk Short Length Printed Swim Shorts by Frescobol Carioca

Founded in 2009, Frescobol Carioca is bringing the style of Rio de Janeiro to the rest of the world, where the shorts are inspired by Rio’s Ipanema beach.

The Sports Swim Short is a Frescobol Carioca classic, having brought it out in many different colour ways. The Sidewalk print is inspired by the boardwalk that runs along the Ipamanema beach in Rio. The shorts are quick drying, comfortable and perfect for swim and water-based activities!

The Copacabana print sports short normally retails for £135, but is available for only£67.50 in the sale – a saving of 50%!

Bright Blue Merino Wool Sweater by John Smedley

Merino Wool Sweater by John Smedley

A wool sweater as our recommendation for Summer? Indeed, it’s perfect for a cooler Summer’s evening as Merino wool will adjust to temperature and keep you cool – there’s a reason why is now widely used in sportswear.

When considering a wool sweater,  John Smedley set the bar high and it would be well worth picking up this bright blue wool sweater from the sale as one of your staples to keep for years to come.

The Bright Blue Merino Wool Sweater top normally retails for £145, but is available for only £72.50 in the sale – saving 50%!

Hypercool Dri-FIT T-Shirt by Nike

Hypercool Dri-FIT T-Shirt by NIKE

Whilst it is getting hotter and Summer is truly here, it is important to keep fit and it is more fun to do this outside.

Keep cool (in both temperature and style) by wearing this double red Nike Training top. Made from the signature Dri-Fit fabric, this shirt is very sweat wicking and will keep you cool while working out during summer.

We already have this Nike top and you’ll see it featured across the Short Motivation social media this Summer!

The Hypercool Dri-FIT T-shirt from Nike usually retails at £35, but is available for only £24.50 in the sale – saving 30%!

The Mr Porter Spring/Summer sale is now live and selling fast, so head with some speed to the Mr Porter website

 Have you bought or used anything from the Mr Porter Sale? Or are you thinking of getting anything? If so, what do you think of the range? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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