Orlebar Brown x Mr Porter for Father & Son Day

Two fashion brands inspiring men to discuss health and help fund research

Blokes. Let’s face it, we don’t like to open up with our emotions. When we feel ill we often leave the situation as long as humanly possible, before heading to the doctor, as we fear bad news. The horrible irony is, the longer you leave facing up to the situation, the more likely the result is bad news. Finding, discussing and dealing with an issue early is often the most successful way of overcoming a serious illness such as cancer.

With Father’s Day on the horizon, there’s never a better time to reflect, look forward and take stock of your situation. You’ll never replace your father, so our advice is to spend some quality time with him this weekend, and in the future, wherever possible.

Finding, discussing and dealing with an issue early is often the most successful way of overcoming a serious illness

Here at Short Motivation, both the co-founder’s fathers were taken ridiculously early from this world as a result of cancer, so we both feel passionate about this cause. Father & Son Day is a mission from Daniel Marks from The Communications Store and Jack Dyson of Dysonology, both survivors of cancer,  to help men get through cancer. Launched in 2014, it’s not only a message mission but also a quest to raise money to help men deal with the effect of cancer.

As most guys tend to reflect and respond to how others deal with their situation, Father & Son Day was designed to inspire men with stories about how others managed to deal with their diagnosis and what is required to see the positivity in the situation and deal with it as quickly as possible. Supported by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, Father & Sons Day is also back by the fashion powerhouses of Mr Porter and Orlebar Brown. You can read an interview with both Father & Sons Day founders on the Mr Porter website.

One of the three Tee’s from Orlebar Brown supporting the campaign

For the third year supporting the campaign, Orlebar Brown has developed three unique t-shirts to reflect the bond between father and son, including fishing, jet skiing and relaxing by the pool. Mr Porter is promoting a range of contemporary and casual blue shirts from 8th to 18th of June and all net profits will be donated to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. Both Orlebar Brown and Mr Porter are encouraging people to take a photo of themselves in their Father & Son Day Tee or blue shirt and promote on Instagram using the hashtag #FatherandSonDay and #InspiringMen. to spread the word.

If you prefer, you don’t need to purchase anything to contribute. You can simply text MARSDEN to 70800 to donate £5. Either way, you’re helping a great cause.

For further information, head over to the Father & Sons Day website.


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