Adidas x Parley collaborate to turn ocean plastic in to performance products

Joint effort sees Adidas producing sports products from recycled ocean plastic

Parley is a movement formed to educate the world on the damage our use of plastic is causing to our oceans and, in turn, the food chain. Plastic by nature is not biodegradable, but ends up in the ocean due to misuse (shopping bags, micro beads in our body scrub etc), sinking to the floor, but eventually reaching our beautiful shorelines. In the meantime, marine mammals get caught up in waste, seabirds attempt to eat the plastic and toxic chemicals are released which ends up in the food chain. Aside from educating the world, Parley attempts to clean the oceans by removing the plastic which washes up on the beach, then constructively recycles the waste in a manner suitable for protecting the environment.

Adidas has collaborated with Parley to help the cause by utilising the recycled plastic within various performance products. The latest use of Parley products is within the yarn created for a range of running shoes, including the UltraBOOST, Uncaged and UltraBOOST X. The upper part of each shoe is made up from an impressive 95% Parley recycled plastic, equivalent to 11 repurposed plastic bottles.

The Parley collaboration isn’t limited to the forthcoming running shoes. The polyester component of the Real Madrid Parley jersey is made up from recycled components. Short Motivation users will be particularly keen to hear Adidas UK has partnered with Parley for a range of swimwear, using recycled nylon material, where 80% of the short is made up from repurposed material. The Supernova Parley shorts go one step further, made up of 100% recycled polyester.

For further information regarding plastic and our oceans, head to the Parley website. If you want to help the cause through your wallet, head to the Adidas website to view the entire range of Parley performance products.


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