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We want to visit Byron Bay

With Sydney scheduled as a planned destination in the near future, another spot on the Gold Coast is one of the most popular places to visit in Australia – Byron Bay. With swathes of white sandy beaches and subtropical climate, there are a myriad of swimming, surfing and outdoor activities for us. Byron is also well known for being a creative mecca outside of the larger cities in Australia with a hippie edge. Many reasons for us to extend our Australia trip and visit Byron Bay.

We want to stay at the Halcyon House

Situated north from Byron Bay, set in an old sixties seaside motel, sits the Halcyon House. This bright and airy hotel is an eclectic mix of mediterranean, US glitz and glamour and Australian surf culture. The 21 suites and regular rooms are individually decorated with vibrant wall coverings and furnishing with cool brass finished bathrooms. These are all reasons we want to stay at the Halcyon House. Rumour also has it you are served handmade ice cream on arrival. Bonus!

We want to eat and drink at Three Blue Ducks on the Farm and Spice Coffee and Table View

The Halcyon House and its locally-sourced menu aside, we’d like to eat and drink at The Three Blue Ducks on the Farm. Serving up Barbecue and an a la carte menu, this restaurant emphasises its local and ethical food. The food is heavily influenced by the location, so there is plenty of options from both the farm and seafood.

One thing that Australia does not lack is good places to find a flat white, again the argument is still very much alive whether this delight originated in New Zealand or Australia.

We want to try a flat white from Table View. The Shubitz brothers (and owners) have spent time in Copenhagen with the guys from the Coffee Collective and also with Allpress in the UK mastering their coffee craft.

Spice in Byron Bay is a little hole in the wall apparently serves up some great flat whites, and while it has little in the way of seating, but is right by the beach so there is no reason to hang around!

We want to workout across the Cape Byron Walking Track

As with other tropical locations, if there’s the opportunity you really should be working out outside. Cape Byron Walking Track is a hike that goes through rainforest, beach, grassland and clifftops reaching a lighthouse. On top of this there is four fitness stations outside where we can grab a workout along the way.

We want to visit Ballina Surfing Beaches

As we enjoy being active, we have yet to sample surfing and while in Byron Bay there really is a great opportunity to be able to hit the waves to try and catch a break at Ballina Surfing Beaches. It really would be an ideal spot to learn how to surf.

For further information on Halycon House, feel free to dip in to our friend, Brent Wallace’s article on his Where’s Brent Been website. Brent can also book your stay if you’re planning on heading to Byron Bay.

 Are you an Australian Short Motivation follower from the Gold Coast region? If so, please give us your Byron Bay insider tips? Have you been to Byron Bay and want to share your tips? What locations would you recommend we visit? We’d love your feedback. Let us know in the comments below.


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