Take a look at the new Mack Weldon 4-way universal short

Are Mack Weldon’s new 4-way shorts really good for up to 30 activities?

At Short Motivation, we respect innovation. Brands that try and do something new, something different. This does not mean we ignore clothing heritage and key staple essential clothing. But what happens if you can combine the two? This is how US brand, Mack Weldon, attracted our attention. This company lives and breathes innovative fabrics, producing staple clothing without requiring the expense of a luxury brand.

The 4-way short is a true universal product

Shorts are our thing and recently we were made aware of the recently launched 4-Way Short, designed for recreation, running, roaming and relaxing. Designed as your go-to everyday short, it’s lightweight, breathable, elastic, quick drying and water repellent. The short comes with a snap button closure for a more everyday appeal and a drawcord enables you to pull tight without requiring the use of a belt. Mack Weldon claim they can count thirty activities which can be performed using these shorts, taking you from sunrise to sunset.

We’re keen to get our hands on the 4-way short and put it through its paces, so think of this as an introduction. We’ll offer you our more extended thoughts in due course.

There’s plenty more to admire at Mack Weldon. There’s an 18-hour Boxer Brief which is made out of a cotton, beechwood modal and lycra fabric. As a result, you have an ultra-soft pair of underwear with a great fit. They’ve also infused their entire underwear range (t-shirts, socks and underwear) with silver, with its natural antibacterial and temperature regulating properties. Other highlights include the Ace range of loungewear. Consisting of the Ace Hoodie, Ace Pant, Ace Short and Ace Crew, each product combines French Terry with a little Lycra, for the stretch fabric you’ll need if you work out using the products.

The 4-way Mack Weldon shorts are available now, in Blue Night and Moonstruck (off-white) for $78 from the Mack Weldon website.


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