Strava app expands sports-related social sharing

Initially allows 36 athletes to share information, techniques, training ideas and recipes about their respective sports

Strava, the app aimed at athletes, has announced it intends to expand on it’s social sharing features by enabling users to share information about their respective sport. The idea is to allow the wheat to be separated from the social media chaff by only promoting the information you want to see from fellow athletes.

Strava suggests that the new features will enable “no more digging through forum websites built in the ’90s to find your niche gear question. And you can leave all the political rants and cat GIFs behind on other social networks. Strava’s where you can be a sport nerd, hanging out with other sport nerds, and delightfully little else.”

As an initial closed test, the social sharing features will be available for 36 selected athletes to provide information and answer questions about their sports, to fellow users. Strava says you should expect to see stories from runners, inspirational photos, race reports, recommendations, workout information and much more.

The 36 selected athletes are listed on the Strava website and include Phil Gaimon, Kate Carter, Susie Chan, Martin Yelling, Knox Robinson and Henning Lenertz. You can choose to follow as few or as many of these athletic people as you desire.

Strava v9 is a free app (with Premium edition option), available now, for iOS and Android devices.


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