L’Estrange London releases limited edition tailored short

This new smart casual short is designed for the man on the move

L’Estrange London, the British manufacturer of smart casual clothing, has quietly released a short for Summer, albeit with a limited run of only 50 pieces across sizes. Based on the existing 24 Trouser, the 12 Short is designed with a smart casual style, aimed at office workers who want a short they can wear at the weekend and the office.

Short Motivation met up with L’Estrange in December 2016 and we were offered an overview of the range. The design edge enables a usually casual item, such as a hoody, to be quickly and easily styled in a manner which enables you to wear the same clothing to an unexpected meeting. As an example, The Hood includes a suit-inspired rivington stripe lining, plus a pocket where you can pull through the lining to mimic a handkerchief. All very city-style.

The 12 Short is available now, but limited to 50 pieces

In addition to these design elements, the L’Estrange range was designed for ‘the man on the move’ and to get you from office to office, as comfortable as possible, through public transport. Combine The Hood with the 24 Trouser and you have an outfit that is both suitable for meeting the boss, but comfortable enough so you can sit on a plane for hours whilst you transfer across the ocean to the North American office.

The new 12 Short ships in navy and available today from the L’Estrange London website. Priced at $110/£95, free international shipping is available for orders over $150.


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